You Can Now Buy, Sell and Swap Plants in the Candide Marketplace

Published on October 30th 2019
A man, with plants for sale on the candide marketplace
At Candide, we're always looking for ways to help your gardening journey. From identifying that plant to connecting you with like-minded plant-lovers who share your passion.
Now, we're connecting you with people selling their gardening products or people looking to buy your plant surplus.

"It's like gumtree, for gardening, but the added bonus of a plant-loving and trustworthy community."

Download the free Candide App to access the Marketplace
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How do I get started?

  • Tap your profile picture in the top left
  • At the bottom of the side menu, you'll see "Marketplace Beta"
  • The Marketplace is new and still being developed, help us test it out and let us know your thoughts!
A close up of a flower
Find what you're looking for by category
The Candide Marketplace is live for anyone using the latest version of the app, here's what you'll find:
  • Buy new or secondhand plants, tools, gardening equipment
  • Sell your surplus plants or gardening materials
  • Find people to help in your garden
  • Offer gardening services to the community
  • Swap surplus plants
A screenshot of a cell phone
Or list your item or service to sell
If you're wondering how it works, here are some examples:


Andy loves propagating cacti but is looking for other interesting house plants to decorate his home. He's looking to meet other like-minded plant lovers who've got interesting house plants to swap.
Andy has been propagating cacti as a hobby and is looking to swap them for other plants

Sell or Buy

Hannah has a small garden but recently inherited a whole collection of pots from her grandmother. They're beautiful, but there are too many for her to use so she's looking to sell a few!
Old terracota pots for sale on the candide marketplace
Years worth of accumulated pots are ready to find a new home!

Find or Offer Services

Sue's been professionally gardening for five years, helping tens of people to maintain and transform their gardens. She charges £20 per hour and is happy to travel within a five mile radius of Bristol.
Garden tools in a bag for sale on the candide marketplace
Sue's been professionally gardening for five years

Why buy, sell and swap with Candide?

  • The service is totally free
  • Meet and trade with like-minded plant lovers
  • Start selling to the most active garden marketplace in the UK
If you can't see the Marketplace try updating the app!
Free download for your phone or tablet
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