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Plant Of The Week: Calathea 'White Star"

Published on February 9th 2020
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In the new series "Plant of the Week", we talk about houseplants, ornamental plants, wild plants and all other plants coming our way.
This week, Helen Lockwood talks about our first featured plant is a Calathea White Star. Calathea 'White star' is part of the Marantaceae family and is native to the tropics of South America.
A Calathea 'White Star' plant with patterned leaves

Prayer Plant 'Whitestar'

Goeppertia 'Whitestar'

They have oblong-shaped leaves with a white venation on top and purple toned underside. Watch the video to find out Helen's top tips on Calathea care and how to take care of your plant.
NB: The cultivar Calathea 'Whitestar' has recently been reclassified, it is now known as Goeppertia 'Whitestar'.

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