Making a Bee Hotel

Published on July 18th 2018
If you're feeling inspired to start a fun project with the kids or grandchildren, why not consider making a bee hotel? It's fun, easy and extremely good for wildlife!
A bee hotel can be as intricate or as simple as you like, the key is to have lots of small materials to make nooks and crannies where bees and other insects can live.
If you're not confident in your carpentry skills (who is?), then stuffing an only broken pot with materials and leaving it on its side is an easy option. Covering the front with chicken wire, and tieing around the back will keep all the materials in.
Here are some ideas for stuffing:
A bundle of small sticks or bamboo tied together with string.
Small logs with holes drilled in (a hand drill is good fun with adult supervision).
Pile up broken pots, padding with straw/grass in between.
Fill a broken pot with pine cones
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