Paula's Weekly Bee Update

Published on May 2nd 2019

Bait Hives

Over the weekend a branch fell from a large Beech tree along Withey Walk, near where we created the Zeidler Hive. The bees, therefore, need to be rehomed, a job for the coming week.
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Sylvia. Some interesting behaviour was witnessed this week during blustery weather. The entrance was full of bees, seemingly waiting for something, rather than coming in and out.
Alison. Flying. Some drone larvae were also pulled out.
Winfred. Also had some drone larvae pulled out of the hive and on the landing board. These colonies at Welham all have Varroa mites but show hygienic behaviour by removing any deformed or diseased larvae from their hive.
A close up of a piece of wood
Diseased larvae discarded
Bees coming out of a bee hive


Freda. Still thriving, even during the wind and rain.

Gore Orchard

Emily. During the rain and wind, one of the observation window covers had blown off. This left it easy to look inside the top box that we added a few weeks ago. It was fascinating to see the first new comb being built. However, during my observation, the bees were clearly resting. Apparently, healthy bees conserve their energy by spending the majority of their time resting. This was a joy to behold.
A hive full of bees

Marl Pit Skep hive

Holly. Using binoculars, I was able to watch these bees coming in and out of the hive. There is an abundance of bluebells and wild garlic for them at this time of year.


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Cuppa. Quieter during the wind, however, they did come to the entrance during my visit to let me know they were still alive and well!

Wild Bees

Oak. spotted during a drizzly day.
Bee count, 3 WBC, 1 Warre, 1Freedom plus 1 Golden (Cuppa) 1 skep (Holly,) & 2 wild (Oak & Withey Walk).
Total: 9
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