18 Garden Activities For Kids

Published on April 26th 2020
A little girl watering plants and flowers in a garden
Garden Day on the 10th of May is all about downing tools and celebrating the fruits of your labour with family, but we all know that sometimes this is easier said than done!
So to give you a bit of inspiration, here are our top 18 outdoor activities to help the whole family connect with nature.

Go on safari

We've put together a handy checklist of flowers and creepy crawlies you could find in your garden this spring! Time to get out there and get hunting.

Press flowers

The perfect excuse to pootle around the garden looking for a variety of colours and textures. Touch, smell, pick and press what you find. Check out this article for more advice on how to press flowers:

Make pressed flower art

Pressed flowers
Press your flowers by 1st May so they're ready for you to get crafty on Garden Day! Here are some ideas of how to arrange your pressed flowers.

Go on a nature walk

Get the kids leading the way with these four activities. You can also collect bark rubbings, make nature art or collect interesting leaves as you explore a natural spot near you!

Make a den

Making a den in the woods is a great challenge, or pull an old sheet into the garden and get creative!

Identify butterflies

a child with a magnifying glass looking at a butterfly
The variety of butterflies out there can be daunting, and they move so fast! But if you find a good spot to sit and wait, identifying your first butterfly can be an exhilarating experience for people of any age!
Here are five species to get started with:
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Colour hunt

A simple way to enjoy the outdoors is to set a colour finding challenge. Here are a couple to try with different ages.

Moth trapping

a lime hawk moth on a tree
Keep an eye out for one of the UK's largest moths - the lime hawk-moth
A little more complicated than others on this list, but rewarding if you have the time. Make sure to look after your moths and release them carefully once you've identified them.

Go forage

You need to know what you're looking for and keep a close eye on little ones while foraging. At this time of year, look out for wild garlic - there are loads of things you can do with it when you get home.
Here are a couple of tips and recipes:

Spot some birds

While the world is a bit quieter, the birds are still nesting and are as noisy as ever! If you're not sure exactly what you're looking at, here's our handy guide from earlier in the year on the ten most common garden birds.
If you're still having trouble identifying your feathered visitors, check out the RSPB's bird identification tool.

Make a bird feeder

a pine cone birdfeeder
While the birds are nesting and the fledgelings are fledging, why not make a bird feeder to help them out?
This can be super a super easy task, all you need is a pinecone, lard and birdseed.

Make a bird home

A great excuse to go foraging and discover new nooks and crannies in the garden. Once you've collected all your bits, lay them out for the birds. Here are some ideas for what to look for.

Bake a treat

A great rainy day activity, there's nothing better than getting messy with ingredients from the garden! Why not try out our recipe for beetroot and chocolate cupcakes.

Read a poem

Something as simple as reading together becomes a joy when you're sat on a picnic blanket under your favourite tree. Here are some of our favourite nature poems.

Plant microgreens

coriander microgreens
Herbs like coriander, peas and kale make great microgreens. They'll grow rapidly, so you're not waiting for weeks to reap what you sow!
Here's how to get started:

Weave with flowers

The perfect excuse to hunt around for materials from nature. After you've collected your grass, twigs and flowers, try one of these weaving techniques:

Get creative with sticks

Make a wand, play pooh sticks, or make a paintbrush with these stick games. There's even an entire book on the things you can get up to. Seriously.

Plant some veg

Adorable blond boy planting seeds and seedlings of tomatoes
If you've got a bit more patience, here are some simple veggies to get the family into growing. Even a simple activity like planting seeds can be a fascinating task for inquisitive minds!
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Join the fun!

Garden Day is 10th May, we'll be sharing our pictures with #Gardenday2020, so see you then for a virtual festival of gardens! You can also follow @GardenDayUK on Candide, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more inspiration!
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