Candide Cuttings: Orchid Show Winners, Garden Enquiry and Sustainable Farmers

Published on April 10th 2019
Tables of orchids

Spring Launch and Orchid Show Winners

The winners of the Floral and Orchid Awards at the RHS Spring Launch and Orchid Show 2019 have been announced.
Gold medals were awarded to the Writhlington School Orchid Project and the National Association of Flower Arrangement Society (NAFAS).
Speaking to Candide, Simon Pugh-Jones, the teacher in charge of the Writhlington School Orchid Project, said: ‘We have a new team of year 9’s that put the display up this year, and they’ve done an amazing job.’
‘The project has been going 28 years, which is why we have some of the UK’s biggest specimens. The real challenge is getting them here! To get some out of the greenhouse door we need students pushing and pulling in all directions.’
Writhlington School Orchid Project
The project also won Best Orchid Exhibit and Best Specimen Orchid.
Emily Broomhead and her mum, Elizabeth Gordon, also scooped up a gold medal for NAFAS with their ‘Connectivity’ display, celebrating the society’s 60th anniversary.
Emily Broomhead said: ‘We’ve done something striking and contemporary, as we like to move flower arranging into the new age. Our display has five different flower jigsaw boards that connect together, depicting the different anniversaries we’ve celebrated. The people in our local charity shops think we’re stark raving mad, as we were buying all the jigsaws we could find!’
'Connectivity' by NAFAS
Other winners
  • Silver-Gilt medal winners - Akerne Orchids, Burnham Nurseries Ltd, Hoyland Plant Centre, Laurence Hobbs Orchids Ltd and the Orchid Society of Great Britain.
  • Silver medal winners - Laneside Hardy Orchids, Weird Plants by Gill
  • Bronze Medal Winners - Orchis Floriculturing Inc., Roellke Orchideenzucht

Garden Enquiry

A short enquiry has been launched by The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, to examine the contribution of gardens to tourism in the UK and how they can be supported.
VisitBritain found earlier this year that 32% of overseas tourists spend time at a park or garden last year, more than at galleries, historic houses or museums.
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They are looking for written evidence from relevant organisations, and the public, that addresses the following questions.
  • How can gardens across the UK be supported to attract visitors and to ensure their future sustainability?
  • What contribution do gardens and garden design make to domestic and international tourism?
  • How do gardens and garden design contribute to the creative economy?
  • How can garden design and landscaping best support community spaces and community connections?
They will present the evidence at a session at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Submissions can be made here

National Farmers Union Cymru Sustainable Conference

The National Farmers Union Cymru are to host their first ever sustainable agriculture conference.
A sign on the side of a tree
The Sustainable Agriculture: Food, Farming and the Environment conference will be held this June at NFU Cymru President John Davies’ farm.
The conference will include speakers from retail, environmental organisations and academia. A panel of farmers will also shed light on the work already being done to improve biodiversity, soil, water and air quality.
NFU Cymru President John Davies said: ‘In the future, as Welsh farmers we want to play our part in rising to governments’ wider challenge, and leave the environment in a better condition than we found it. We want the conference to mark the start of a new conversation, one that acknowledges the excellent work already being carried by environmentally-conscious farmers across Wales, as well as identifying how farmers can continue to improve their businesses for the benefit of our soils, nature, landscapes and environment in the future.’
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