Eden Project North and Energy Tipping Point

Published on June 24th 2019
The design for The Eden Project North

Eden Project North

The Eden Project North Plans from above
Images including header: Grimshaw Architects
The Eden Project North in Morecambe is due to open in 2023, according to the first planning report submitted to Lancaster City Council.
The report outlines details for the £85 million development on Morecambe's seafront, complete with five giant domes and 're-imagined lidos, gardens, performance spaces (including a 4,000 capacity outdoor arena), immersive experiences and observatories'.
Eden Project International Limited (EPIL) will undertake public and stakeholder consultations this summer and autumn and aims to submit the Environmental Statement alongside the planning application in spring next year (2020). They expect construction to take two years, with completion set for 2023.
Eden in Cornwall has reportedly had more than 21 million visitors since it opened in 2001, and more than 1 million last year. The Eden Project North hopes to receive 760,000 visitors annually but will be built to accommodate up to a million.
EPIL is also currently working on projects in Australia, China, Dubai and the USA.
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Energy Tipping Point

A couple of wind turbines in a field of flowers
For the first time since the Industrial Revolution, Britain is obtaining more energy from 'clean' sources than fossil fuels.
National Grid, a British gas and energy company, says zero-carbon energy, such as nuclear and renewables, make up 48% of Britain's electricity generation for the first time. Carbon energy currently makes up 47%.
The company looked at the various traditional fossil fuel industries, such as coal, which has plunged from making up 30% of the countries electricity to 3% in the past decade.
Meanwhile, wind power has shot up from 1% to 19%.
National Grid chief executive John Pettigrew said: 'The incredible progress that Britain has made in the past ten years means we can now say 2019 will be the year net zero power beats fossil fuel-fired generation for the first time.'
This milestone comes at a time where discussion about climate change is heightened. New research commissioned by National Grid that is also released today found that 'climate anxiety' is exacerbated by a perceived lack of urgency around addressing the problem and the impact this will have on future generations.
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