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The Best Plants to Gift on Valentine's Day 2021

Published on February 4th 2021
A close up of pink flamingo flowers anthuriums

We know that finding the perfect gift for those special people in your life isn’t always easy.

Unlike a bunch of roses or a beautiful bouquet, a plant is a gift which keeps giving. So this Valentine's, swap the colour red for green and express your love using plants!
To help you put a smile on someones face, we've chosen our favourite plants to gift for Valentine's Day -- ideal for any plant lover or gardener!

Valentine Gifts for Plant Lovers

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1) String of Hearts

The gorgeous String of Hearts is probably one of the most romantic houseplants you could choose to gift this Valentine's Day.
A String of Hearts plant has dainty, heart-shaped leaves, making them jaw-dropping when hung elegantly from shelves and hanging baskets.
Learn everything you need about your plant using our in-depth guide on how to care for String of Hearts!
A close up of a string of hearts Ceropegia Woodii in a metal pot against a white background

How To Care For String of Hearts | Common String of Hearts Problems Solved


2) Flamingo Flower

The Flamingo Flower plant has beautifully coloured leaves (called bracts) surrounding its blooms, making them perfect for adding a splash of colour to your interior.
For Valentine's, we're most in love with Anthurium Pink, and the more unusual variety, Anthurium 'Black Love'.
For extra care tips, read our article on caring for Anthurium plants.

3) Heartleaf Philodendron

A firm favourite, no matter what time of year, would be a Heart-Leaf Philodendron.
Depending on the species and variety, the care tips can differ slightly for this plant. But typically, Philodendrons enjoy dappled sunlight; similar to the conditions from the rainforest habitats they originate from.

4) Valentine Hoya or Sweetheart Plant

We chose the Sweetheart Plant because it gives us a cuteness overload, and of course, it's a Valentine favourite!
A slow grower, Hoya kerrii only requires medium sunshine and light watering, making it relatively easy to look after.

5) Nerve Plant

Nerve Plants, or Fittonias, make a beautiful gift for Valentine's. Fittonias require bright indirect sunlight, so do well in brightly lit rooms, but not directly in front of the window! Nerve Plants love humid conditions, so they're a great plant for closed terrariums if you fancied getting crafty this Valentine's day.

6) Can't choose one plant? Buy a bundle!

Moose Plant Shop have kindly chosen a selection of the cutest plants perfect for Valentine's gifts, to make our lives easier. Bundles include Sweetheart Philodendron and two baby pink plants, paired with the most lovely, stylish pots. Bundles are romantically packaged with heart-shaped confetti, complete with a Philodendron sticker and care cards.
Save a huge 20% off normal retail prices! We think this is a bargain not to be missed, whether you're buying for someone else, or treating yourself!

7) Cute Cuttings

The ultimate gift for a self-confessed plant lover would be a box of pretty fun-shaped leaves. So when we saw this gift set, we fell head over heels!
Independent seller Sunny Sprouts UK has hand-picked a selection of house plant cuttings, put together with beautiful packaging and a few extra treats for your special someone.

8) Plant Seeds of Love

The family-run business, Purple Bloom Seeds have created beautifully wrapped seed gift-sets, a perfect gift for any gardener this Valentine's.
The hand-selected flower combinations include Nasturtium 'Cherry Rose' and Pink Cornflower, or Nasturtium 'Peach Melba' and White Cornflower -- a beautiful contrast of colours for your patch.
We adore the packs of seeds of edible flowers, and Valentine's bath tonic set too!

So whether you surprise a loved one or your BFF, we guarantee you'll make someone's day with the gift of plants!

Need more gift inspiration? Browse the complete Valentine's collection on Candide.

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