A picture of a Karamu


Coprosma robusta

Photo by naturewatchwidow (CC BY 4.0)

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A photo of Karamu
A photo of Karamu
A photo of Karamu
A photo of Karamu
A photo of Karamu

Karamu Overview

Coprosma robusta is a small tree or large shrub species in the Rubiaceae family, it is commonly known as Karamu. It is endemic to New Zealand and is in the process of naturalising in the Southeastern coastal areas of Australia, where it is considered a weed. It grows well in coastal, lowland forest and shrubland environments, typically reaching 6m in height. Leaves are oval in shape, green and measure between 5-13cm in length and 3-4cm across. Non-showy flowers in shades of creamy yellow and green form from spring-summer, leading onto bright orange berry fruits late in summer, they measure approximately 0.8-0.9cm in length, ripening over a long period.

Special features of Karamu

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