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A picture of a Rough Horsetail

Rough Horsetail

Equisetum hyemale

Also known as

Mare's Tail, Scouring Rush, Dutch Rush, Common Scouring-Rush, Great Scouring-Rush, Scouring Horsetail, Shave-Grass, Tall Scouring-Rush, Western Scouringrush, Prairie Scouring-Rush, Winter Scouring-Rush

Photo by SowPretty (All rights reserved)

Full Sun
Moderate care
Moderate watering


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size








2 years to reach maturity

More images of Rough Horsetail

A photo of Rough Horsetail
A photo of Rough Horsetail

Rough Horsetail Overview

This spreading evergreen perennial grows to around 1m tall and 2m wide. The stems are hollow and green with black ridges, looking somewhat like reeds. Love boggy soils or planted in baskets for ponds. It is occasionally sold under the botanical name Equisetum japonica (Barred or Japanese Horsetail.)

Common problems with Rough Horsetail

Generally pest and disease-free.

    How to propagate Rough Horsetail


    Lift and divide clumps in spring.

    Special features of Rough Horsetail

    Attractive leaves

    Distinctive black bands along the length of the hollow leave provide all-year-round interest.

    Wet sites

    Happy in water up to 10cm, making it a useful marginal pond plant.

    Pot plant

    Happy in large containers

    Indoor plant

    Can be grown in pots on sunny windowsills.

    Other uses of Rough Horsetail

    This ornamental plant provides architectural structure and can be grown as a low hedge/screen in courtyard spaces.