A picture of a Beetroot 'Boltardy'

Beetroot 'Boltardy'

Beta vulgaris 'Boltardy'

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Full Sun
Easy care
Moderate watering


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size








2 years to reach maturity


  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

This plant has no fragrance

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Suttons Beetroot Seeds Boltardy


Suttons Beetroot Seeds Boltardy


Beetroot 'Boltardy' Overview

Beta vulgaris 'Boltardy' is a great plant for people just beginning to grow their own crops. It is easy to grow and grow fairly quick. The roots are harvested when they are still young and can be eaten in many ways. Cooked, raw, pickled, roasted or grated. The leaves can also be harvested and used in salads or blanched like spinach.

Common problems with Beetroot 'Boltardy'

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How to harvest Beetroot 'Boltardy'

Beetroots can be harvested when they reach the size of a tennis ball, this takes around 12 to 16 weeks after sowing. When harvesting them, gently hold the tops and pull them from the ground, using a fork to lever them from underneath. Beetroots can bleed a lot of juice which stains the skin so to prevent this, twist the tops off with your hands. You can keep the leaves to add to salads or cook like spinach.

How to propagate Beetroot 'Boltardy'


You can grow a crop of early beets which should be planted between February and April. Plant them outside in rows, 10cm apart with the rows 40cm apart. Main crops can be sown from April to July, straight into the ground 10cm apart with the rows 30cm apart at around 2.5cm deep.

Special features of Beetroot 'Boltardy'

Pot plant

Choose containers that are at least 20 cm in diameter and equally deep.

Crop rotation

Do not replant with root crops in the same area, but rotate with green manure, Cabbage family, light feeders or other groups of vegetables.

Other uses of Beetroot 'Boltardy'


All bits of the plant is edible.