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Begonia 'Billie Langdon'

Begonia 'Billie Langdon'

Tuberous Begonia

This variety has large white flowers that bloom through the summer months. They're hard to find in other places around the world making them a unique and worth while variety to purchase.


Flowering time


Leaf cuttings can be very successful if done correctly. You will need to find a healthy leaf and make sure that you have a sterile cutting board and knife suitable for the job. When you cut your leaf you will need to cut them into sizes about the size of a stamp and make sure that there is at least one vein on each cutting. Your soil should be peat based. Push your leaf cuttings into the compost covering the bottom edge, allowing the veins to be covered by soil. Then water them lightly from above. They will grow best in a greenhouse where they have plenty of light and warmth. Regularly water them for the next several months. You should see small stems and leaves sprouting, once they are big enough, you should plant them in separate pots to give them plenty of room for their roots to grow.
Begonia seeds should be grown in either peat or cardboard pots, this is so you can soak the pots in water rather than water the soil from above. This is because the begonia seeds are so small that if watered from above they will sink too deep into the soil and not grow. Once you have soaked your potted soil enough that it is damp, sprinkles your seeds on the top. Do not press them in, if you are leaving your seeds outside it is best to sprinkle a light layer of soil on top of the seeds to stop wind blowing them away, however if you are growing them indoors you won't need to do this. Place the potted seeds in direct sunlight and regular check to see when you need to water you seeds. It will take a couple of weeks for the seedlings to germinate.

Special features


Britain, England


Partial Sun
Soil moisture
Soil type
Loam, Sand, Chalk
Soil PH preference
Frost hardiness


Flower colour

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