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A picture of a Bower Of Beauty

Bower Of Beauty

Pandorea jasminoides

Also known as

Bower Vine, Bower Plant, Bower Plant Of Australia, Moreton Bay Trumpet Jasmine

Full Sun
Moderate care
Moderate watering


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size







This plant has no fragrance

Bower Of Beauty Overview

Pandorea is a woody evergreen climber. It is the ideal climber to decorate walls, hedges and trellises in prominent places, because the flowers are showy and the plant is evergreen and remains neat.

Common problems with Bower Of Beauty

Generally problem free

    How to harvest Bower Of Beauty

    Trim lightly after flower to keep the plant neat and to prevent it from escaping to other plants or structures. Prun out some of the lateral stems to stop it from becoming too heavy or dense.

    How to propagate Bower Of Beauty


    Sow seed in spring in moist soil.


    Layer in spring time by placing a shoot on the ground and place a bit of soil and rock on it. Roots will grow from nodes underneath the soil. Remove the shoot with roots in following winter.


    Root green-wood cuttings in summer with bottom heat.

    Special features of Bower Of Beauty

    Pot plant

    Can be planted in containers, but provide good drainage in a sunny position,

    Attracts useful insects

    Attracts bees

    Drought resistant

    Hedge plant

    Grows easily up a fence or hedge to provide a screen.

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