Aloe spp.

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Aloe is a large genus consisting of around 558 evergreen, perennial, succulent, flowering plants with characteristic fleshy leaves edged with spikes and arranged in rosettes. Many are native to Africa, some are tree or shrub-like and other species have climbing habits. Succulents are a good water-wise choice. The leaves are fleshy, water-holding and when cut, release a gel containing over 75 active constituents, including multiple vitamins. The famous Aloe vera species has vast medicinal and cosmetic applications. Aloes are also popular houseplants due to their ease of care, attractive leaves and bright flowers. They have warm orange, red or yellow blooms in winter when the landscape is often grey. The flowers are bell-shaped to tubular in appearance and form clusters atop simple, leafless stems. These flowers are nectar-rich and provide food to many insects and birds, inviting welcome visitors to your garden and adding diversity. These plants differ in their habits and hardiness ratings, some do better in full, direct sunshine and others prefer bright, indirect light in partially shaded conditions. All should be fine in well-draining soil, water when the soil has thoroughly dried out for best results.
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Flowering time

Autumn, Winter


Pick leaves or flowers as needed.



Plant seed in spring in well-draining seedtrays.


Remove new plants from the motherplant as soon as they have a few leaves and some roots.

Special features

Attracts birds

Aloe flowers are nectar-rich and a feast for sunbirds and sugarbirds in times when few gardenplants are flowering

Drought resistant

Special features


Africa, Madagascar and surrounding islands.

Natural climate




Full Sun, Partial Shade, Partial Sun

Soil moisture


Soil type

Clay, Loam, Sand

Soil PH preference

Neutral, Acid, Alkaline

Frost hardiness





Flower colour

Red, Yellow, Orange




Too wet conditions can lead to fungal attack and rotting. Insects like scale or snoutbeetle can harm Aloe.
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