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A picture of a Apple 'Golden Delicious'

Apple 'Golden Delicious'

Malus domestica 'Golden Delicious'

Also known as

Golden Delicious Apple Tree, Golden Delicious Apple

Golden Delicious - Blüte by Thesurvived99 (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Full Sun
Moderate care
Moderate watering
Frost Hardy


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size









  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

Golden Delicious trees blossom in Spring and the apples are picked in Summer.

More images of Apple 'Golden Delicious'

A close up of some green apple fruits of a Malus domestica 'Golden Delicious' plant
Some Malus domestica 'Golden Delicious' apples in a bowl
A close up of Malus domestica 'Golden Delicious' fruit
A close up of some Malus domestica 'Golden Delicious' fruits hanging from a tree
A photo of Apple 'Golden Delicious'

Apple 'Golden Delicious' Overview

The tree cultivar Malus domestica 'Golden Delicious' are more commonly known by their fruits, Golden Delicious Apples. This cultivar is deciduous and requires long cold winters for apple production. For best results ask a local nursery for advice on optimal choices in terms of rootstock, varieties and cross pollinators. Malus 'Golden Delicious' apples have a green to yellow skin and ripen in midsummer.

Common problems with Apple 'Golden Delicious'

While young, bolworm attacks growth tips making tree training tricky. Fruit suffer from fruitfly, codling moth and fusi. Practise good orchard hygiene by harvesting all fruit when ripe and remove fallen fruits or windfall. Thin fruit to prevent small fruit!

How to propagate Apple 'Golden Delicious'


Graft or bud Golden Delicious on seedling or other rootstock.


Seed need cold stratification of about 3 months. sow them outside in Autumn or let them overwinter in the fridge before planting in Spring. the seed will not breed true-to-kind and often revert back to old small apples!

Special features of Apple 'Golden Delicious'

Attracts useful insects

Apples are self-infertile and need to be cross-pollinated with a different cultivar apple - usually with the help of insects!

Hedge plant

Crop rotation

Replant desease force groewers to treat old apple soil befor they can replant with apples agaain.

Other uses of Apple 'Golden Delicious'