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A picture of a Benjamin Fig

Benjamin Fig

Ficus benjamina

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Also known as

Weeping Fig, Ficus Tree, Java Fig, Java Tree, Small-Leaved Rubber Plant, Tropic Laurel, Waringin, Benjamin Tree, Malayan Banyan, Oval-Leaf Figtree, Weeping-Laurel, Fig

Full Sun
Moderate care
Moderate watering


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size








10 years to reach maturity


  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

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Ficus benjamina
Ficus benjamina
Ficus benjamina
Ficus benjamina
A photo of Benjamin Fig

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Variegated Weeping Fig - 4L Pot - 90-100cm Tall - Houseplant - Ficus benjamina


Variegated Weeping Fig - 4L Pot - 90-100cm Tall - Houseplant - Ficus benjamina


Benjamin Fig Overview

Ficus benjamina is an evergreen tree or shrub, dependent on how large it grows, often 3m or more. It is therefore not typically grown for its fruits, but as a popular foliage houseplant due to its elegant growth habit and tolerance of poor light. Takes well to pruning! If the leaves are lacking, trim back woody parts to encourage new growth. Preferring bright sunny conditions, this species will cope with partial shade. For optimal growth keep it moist but now damp. The leaves are ovate with slim points, around 12cm long and glossy green. This species is tender, so keep above freezing temperatures, it may be kept outside in the summer months. Non-showy flowers lead on to red-orange fruits which become black upon ripening, but rarely in the absence of pollinating wasps. Cultivars with various shades of green and colourful variegated patterning have been produced. The sap of Ficus can be a skin and eye irritant; all plant parts can also cause stomach upset if consumed.

Common problems with Benjamin Fig

How to propagate Benjamin Fig



Semi hardwood cuttings


Special features of Benjamin Fig

Attractive leaves

Other uses of Benjamin Fig

Container, specimen.

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