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A picture of a Medick


Medicago spp.

Full Sun
Frost Hardy


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

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A photo of Medick
A photo of Medick
A photo of Medick
A photo of Medick
A photo of Medick

Medick Overview

A genus comprising around 100 accepted species of flowering plants in the legume family originating from the Mediterranean basin. They are mostly low-growing perennial herbs with one or two exceptions; M. arborea (tree medick) is a shrub and the forage crop plant alfalfa (M. sativa) can grow up to 1 m. In cultivation they are grown for their attractive pea-like usually yellow flowers and trifoliate leaves that resemble those of the clover plant. Medicago truncatula is used in genetic research as a model (representative) legume.

How to propagate Medick


Propagate the shrubs by semi-ripe or softwood cuttings in summer.


Seed in autumn or spring, annuals and perennials by seed in autumn or spring.

Other uses of Medick

Grown for their flowers. Is good in mild, coastal areas as it is very wind-resistant.