A picture of a Apodasmia


Apodasmia spp.

Photo by Arnim Littek (CC BY 4.0)

Full Sun
Light watering


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature


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A photo of Apodasmia
A photo of Apodasmia
A photo of Apodasmia
A photo of Apodasmia
Apodasmia similis11

Apodasmia Overview

Apodasmia is a small genus which is native to Australia, New Zealand, and Chile, comprising of just 3 species. Members of this group are in the Restionaceae family and they are rush-like flowering plants. This genus is termed dioecious and thus produces unisexual flowers, containing either male or female reproductive organs. These gendered flowers are produced on individual plants. Foliage is fine, green-grey and tufted. There are brown bract-like structures at stem joints. Produces underground rhizome structures, these are plant stems that are modified to grow horizontally, typically under the soil surface. They prefer full sun and, although native to hot, dry regions, requiring winter protection in very cold areas.

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