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A picture of a Mangrove


Ceriops spp.

Rhizophora mangle by Tauʻolunga (CC-BY-SA-3.0)

Frequent watering


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A photo of Mangrove
A photo of Mangrove

Mangrove Overview

Ceriops is a genus with around 5 evergreen tree species from the Rhizophoraceae family, known commonly as Mangroves. They produce structures from their trunks known as prop or stilt roots, these measure up to a metre in length. Foliage is clustered at stem tips or arranged oppositely in pairs, leathery in texture and oval in shape. Flowers are small and cup-shaped, with white petals. Around the flowers, making up the outermost part of a flower are the sepals, these function to protect the flower bud and are coloured green-yellow and divided into 5 or 6 lobes in this genus.