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Eleusine spp.

Eleusine indica, closeup by Tauʻolunga (CC-BY-SA-3.0)

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A photo of Goosegrass
Starr 080531-4785 Eleusine indica

Goosegrass Overview

Small genus with only 10 annual or perennial species with tufted growth habits and stolons. Stolons are another term for runners. These are stems, that sprout off an existing stem and grow horizontally along the soil surface rather than vertically. They can produce clonal offsets which are genetically identical to the main plant. Foliage is linear and may be folded and flowers are produced on spikelet arrangements, these are non-showy and typical of plants in the grass family, Poaceae. This genus is sometimes known by the name goosegrass. It has undergone extensive reclassification over time, with many species once included within this genus now better placed within other genera.