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A picture of a Sansevieria Samurai

Sansevieria Samurai

Dracaena hanningtonii

Also known as

Blue Sansevieria, Sword Sansevieria, Oldupai, East African Wild Sisal, Samurai Dwarf Snake Plant

Sansevieria ehrenbergii samurai dwarf by Mokkie (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Full Sun
Moderate care
Light watering


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature


More images of Sansevieria Samurai

A succulent Sansevieria ehrenbergii plant in a pot
Sansevieria ehrenbergii at the University of California Botanical Garden, Berkeley, California
A green Sansevieria ehrenbergii plant

Sansevieria Samurai Overview

Dracaena hanningtonii is also known as Sansevieria ehrenbergii. It is a succulent perennial species from the Asparagaceae family. Originating from eastern Tropical Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. This plant is also known commonly as Samurai Dwarf Snake Plant, Sansevieria Samurai, Blue Sansevieria, Sword Sansevieria, Oldupai, or East African Wild Sisal. It produces fleshy, succulent leaves in two opposite rows, forming a fan-like shape. Flowers are grey-white to greenish, with purple shading.

How to propagate Sansevieria Samurai



Special features of Sansevieria Samurai

Attractive leaves

Pot plant

Indoor plant