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A picture of a Small Ironwood

Small Ironwood

Olea capensis

Also known as

Black Ironwood

Full Sun
Easy care


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature


  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

More images of Small Ironwood

subsp. macrocarpa
Stem of O.capensis subsp. macrocarpa
O.capensis subsp. capensis
Flowers of O.capensis  subsp. macrocarpa
Leaf and stem of subsp enervis.

Small Ironwood Overview

Happy the grandchild who inherits a garden shaded by a black ironwood tree, for they have grandparents of great foresight and intelligence. These trees are second in size only to the Big-tree yellowwoods of the southern Cape forests, and are at least as long-lived.

Special features of Small Ironwood

Attracts birds

Attractive flowers

Other uses of Small Ironwood

Other uses