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A picture of a Shaggy Bracket

Shaggy Bracket

Inonotus hispidus

Also known as

Heart Rot

Photo by Katja Schulz (CC BY 4.0)

Partial Shade
Easy care
Frequent watering


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size








6 months to reach maturity

More images of Shaggy Bracket

A close up of a Inonotus hispidus Shaggy Bracket fungus growing on an apple tree
A orange Inonotus hispidus fungus growing on a tree
A close up of an orange Inonotus hispidus fungus
A close up of an orange Inonotus hispidus fungus with a hairy upper surface
A close up of a Inonotus hispidus fungus growing from a tree

Shaggy Bracket Overview

Inonotus hispidus is both an inedible fungi species and a parasitic plant pathogen, particularly for Malus species (apple trees) and Fraxinus species (ash trees). It is commonly known by the name Shaggy Bracket and this fungus is bright orange-brown in colour and has a notable hairy upper surface. Young fruitbodies may produce a clear to red liquid, this seeps out This species is widespread, it is commonly found in England, less so in other areas of the UK such as Wales, Scotland and Ireland and it may be found across most of Europe, particularly the southern and central countries. It is also present in across Asia and parts of Northern America. This annual fungus typically appears from mid-late summer, decaying by late autumn.

How to propagate Shaggy Bracket


Special features of Shaggy Bracket

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