A picture of a Plume Thistle

Plume Thistle

Cirsium spp.

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Full Sun
Moderate watering
Frost Hardy


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  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

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A close up of a green Cirsium plant
A photo of Plume Thistle
A photo of Plume Thistle
A Cirsium plant with spiky leaves
A Cirsium plant with green leaves

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Cirsium 'Frosted Magic' LOWCIR (Snow White) 2lt


Cirsium 'Frosted Magic' LOWCIR (Snow White) 2lt


Plume Thistle Overview

Cirsium is a genus of over 480 biennial and perennial species commonly known as Plume Thistles. Distribution ranges from Eurasia and Northern Africa to Northern America. This genus produces spiny thistle-like symmetrical flowers in purple, pink yellow or white colours and prickly leaves. Some species are also hairy and most are considered weeds. Other species are cultivated as garden plants, for their dramatic flowerheads and general attractiveness to a wide range of insects, they make good wildflower garden plants.

How to propagate Plume Thistle


You can propagate by division in the spring.


Seed in the autumn.

Other uses of Plume Thistle

Grown for its decorative flower heads.

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