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A picture of a Massonia


Massonia spp.

Massonia pustulata 4c by Consultaplantas (CC BY-SA 4.0)



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Massonia pustulata
Massonia depressa

Massonia Overview

Massonia is a genus of around 30 species of bulbous perennials in the Asparagaceae family. These plants are native to Southern Africa where they are found in hot, dry regions. They have two broad recumbent leaves and a short tufted inflorescence in the centre. They are dormant in the summer, a survival strategy to escape the extreme climate they inhabit, and they actively grow and flower in the winter. In the wild they are thought to be pollinated by gerbils and other rodents. They are a plant for collectors and do best in an alpine house.

Special features of Massonia

Attractive flowers