A picture of a Devil's Cigar Fungus

Devil's Cigar Fungus

Chorioactis geaster

Also known as

Devil's Cigar Mushroom, Texas Star, Texas Star Mushroom

Chorioactis geaster 1 by Tim Jones (CC BY 3.0)

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Chorioactis geaster 1
A photo of Devil's Cigar Fungus

Devil's Cigar Fungus Overview

The Devil's Cigar is an unusually shaped mushroom. It belongs to a fungal group that's collectively named the earth stars. When immature, the fruits emerge from the ground, resembling a chunky black cigar. When the fungus becomes mature and ready to release the spores, it splits open like a banana. The spores diffuse into the surrounding air as if a puff of smoke. Following this, the mushroom takes its more mature form that has previously been described as a tan-coloured star. It's been named the worlds rarest fungi, where to date, it's only been seen growing in parts of Texas and some remote parts of Japan. Another thing which makes this an interesting fungus is that it's one of 15 species that emit an audible 'hissing' sound when it releases its spores.