A picture of a Red Rhipsalis

Red Rhipsalis

Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa

Also known as

Red Mistletoe Cactus, Rhipsalis 'Red Coral'

Photo by SpiralisPlants (All rights reserved)


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Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa
A photo of Red Rhipsalis
A photo of Red Rhipsalis
A photo of Red Rhipsalis

Red Rhipsalis Overview

Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa is a branching, cactus plant from the Cactaceae family. It produces lovely, succulent, flattened foliage with serrated edges. The leaves are green and can develop a stunning red colouration with strong light. Commonly known by the names Red Rhipsalis, Red Mistletoe Cactus or Rhipsalis 'Red Coral' after the red tinged foliage. Primary stems are cylindrical (rounded in the cross-section), while lateral stems are flattened. They produce abundances of small, funnel-shaped flowers. The flowers are green-white or pink in colour.

Special features of Red Rhipsalis

Attractive leaves

Attractive flowers