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Haworthiopsis spp.

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Ab plant 846 by see here (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Full Sun
Light watering


RHS hardiness


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Different growth forms of Haworthiopsis. (S.D. Gildenhuys)
A pot of green Haworthiopsis plants with triangular succulent leaves
A close up of a green Haworthiopsis plant
Two-lipped flowers of Haworthiopsis glauca, H. koelmaniorum, H. limifolia and H. reinwardtii. (S.D. Gildenhuys)
Haworthiopsis tessellata growing in rock crevices (left) and H. fasciata var. fasciata growing in rocky habitat (right) (S.D. Gildenhuys)

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Haworthia Big Band Succulent Houseplant, 6cm Pots


Haworthia Big Band Succulent Houseplant, 6cm Pots


Haworthia (Fasciated)


Haworthia (Fasciated)


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Haworthiopsis Overview

Haworthiopsis is a genus containing around 18 species of succulent perennial in the Asphodelaceae family. These very attractive, miniature leaf succulents vary from little star-like rosettes to stemmed plants with compactly arranged leaves, very often with significant contrasting leaf tubercles. Members of this small, southern African genus (occurring in South Africa, Namibia and Swaziland), are perfect for container gardens or small rockeries.

Special features of Haworthiopsis

Pot plant

Attractive leaves

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