A picture of a Caesar's Mushroom

Caesar's Mushroom

Amanita caesarea

Also known as

Mushroom of the Caesars

Amanita Caesarea, Elatia forest by KostasGiannakis (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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A photo of Caesar's Mushroom

Caesar's Mushroom Overview

Caesar's mushroom is native to southern Europe and Northern Africa. They're a distinctive mushroom with bright orange caps with yellow stalks and gills. It was a favourite of the ancient Romans, who back then called it Boletus. Today, these mushrooms can still be found growing in abundance in the mountains of northern Italy. More specifically, they can be found growing in warmer climates from summer to mid-autumn showing an association with oak woodlands. These mushrooms are most desirable when young and button-like, where at this stage they can be sold at a higher price. In Italy, it's a favoured cuisine that's gathered and prepared in a traditional context. This mushroom is most likely to be confused with other, toxic species in the Amanita genus. Toxic versions include the infamous fly agaric, known for its red toadstool. Although sometimes, the latter produces orange fruiting toadstools, and this can sometimes throw off foragers.