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A picture of a Hebe 'Boughton Silver'

Hebe 'Boughton Silver'

Veronica albicans (Recurva Group) 'Boughton Silver'

Photo by GardenBeautyuk (All rights reserved)

Full Sun
Easy care
Moderate watering
Frost Hardy


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size








4 years to reach maturity


  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

This plant has no fragrance

Hebe 'Boughton Silver' Overview

Hebe 'Broughton Silver' is a compact evergreen that produces dense mounds of narrow blue-green leaves. In early summer, masses of white flower spikes create a frothy haze above the silvery foliage. A low maintenance plant that requires little pruning, this hardy shrub provides all year round colour to mixed borders and can be grown in containers on patios, in urban courtyard spaces. It is also suitable for creating a low hedge. Not compatible with very acidic soil, Hebe 'Broughton Silver' likes a well-drained growing medium and prefers a sheltered position. Able to withstand salt-laden winds, this tough plant is a useful addition in coastal locations, also appreciating the milder winter temperatures. (It is also pollution tolerant.) This cultivar has earned a Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) 'Award of Garden Merit'. It is also on the RHS 'Plants for Pollinators' list highlighting plants that produce large amounts of nectar and/or pollen. A great choice for encouraging beneficial insect wildlife into your garden! Previously known as Hebe recurva 'Boughton Silver', this plant's name change was announced by NATAG (RHS Nomenclature and Taxonomy Advisory Group) in the December 2020 edition of The Plant Review.

Common problems with Hebe 'Boughton Silver'

How to propagate Hebe 'Boughton Silver'


Take semi-hardwood cuttings in late summer/autumn, and add bottom heat.

Special features of Hebe 'Boughton Silver'

Attractive leaves

Pot plant

Winter colour

Attracts bees

Attracts butterflies

Attractive flowers

Hedge plant