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A picture of a Green-Winged Orchid

Green-Winged Orchid

Anacamptis morio

Also known as

Green winged orchid, Orchid

Orchis morio in natural monument Svaté Pole in spring 2012 (19) by Chmee2 (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Full Sun
Light watering
Frost Hardy


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size








3 years to reach maturity


  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

More images of Green-Winged Orchid

A close up of some purple Anacamptis morio flowers growing in some grass
Some purple Anacamptis morio flowers in a field
Some purple Anacamptis morio flowers on a plant
Some purple Anacamptis morio flowers in a field
A photo of Green-Winged Orchid

Green-Winged Orchid Overview

Anacamptis morio is a tuberous, herbaceous, perennial orchid species in the orchid family, Orchidaceae. It is terrestrial and thus grows in soil in the ground, producing lance-shaped foliage measuring between 10-16cm long and small purple or occasionally white flowers. The flowers measure approximately 1cm in length, they are arranged densely on a central spike. This plant is commonly known by the names Green-Winged Orchid and Green-Veined Orchid after the venation on the outer tepals. Tepals are petal-like structures which cannot definitively be classified as petals to attract pollinators or sepals, which surround flower buds as a layer of protection.

Common problems with Green-Winged Orchid

How to propagate Green-Winged Orchid


Divide offsets in spring.

Special features of Green-Winged Orchid

Attractive flowers

Attracts useful insects

Attracts butterflies

Attracts bees

Other uses of Green-Winged Orchid

Grown for their beautiful and unusual flowers.