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A picture of a Castor Aralia

Castor Aralia

Kalopanax septemlobus

Also known as

Tree Aralia, Prickly Castor Oil Tree

Kalopanax septemlobus's leaf by Dalgial (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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More images of Castor Aralia

A close up of a green Kalopanax septemlobus plant leaf
A close up of some cream green Kalopanax septemlobus flowers
A Kalopanax septemlobus plant
A thorny stem of a Kalopanax septemlobus plant and some green leaves
A photo of Castor Aralia

Castor Aralia Overview

Kalopanax septemlobus is the sole species in the genus Kalopanax. This deciduous tree resides in the Araliaceae family and it is commonly known by the names Castor Aralia, Tree Aralia and Prickly Castor Oil Tree.

Special features of Castor Aralia

Attractive leaves