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A picture of a Canthium


Canthium spp.

Canthium coromandelicum in Keesaraguda, AP W IMG 9056 by J.M.Garg (CC BY 3.0)


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A photo of Canthium
A photo of Canthium
A photo of Canthium

Canthium Overview

Genus with just over 100 species of small tree and shrubs with deciduous foliage that drops in unfavourable winter conditions and stems covered in abundant, defensive thorns. Leaves are paired and oppositely arranged, ovate in shape and mid-green in colour. Small, starry, yellow-green or white flowers, sometimes with reflexed petals that curve backwards, are produced in clusters on stem arrangements known as cymes. In cymes a central stem produces a flower at its growing tip first, followed by flowers from the ends of subsequent lateral shoots.