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A picture of a Cercidiphyllum


Cercidiphyllum spp.

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A photo of Cercidiphyllum
A photo of Cercidiphyllum


A small genus of just 2 species of hardy, deciduous trees also known by the name katsura. commonly grown for their impressive, heart-shaped foliage and impressive autumn leaf colours. Flowers are small, reddish in colour and appear early in spring. The species, Cercidiphyllum japonicum, is one of the largest hardwood trees from Asia, reaching massive heights of 45m compared to the other species in this genus, which rarely grows above 10m. Both species originate from woodland habitats in Japan and China and the leaves are large, varying from 3-8cm long veined with serrated edges. They make nice garden specimens and are grown as ornamental trees, with some species bred to produce cultivars with a hanging growth habit.