A picture of a Rooibos


Aspalathus spp.

Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) by Amrum (CC BY-SA 2.5)


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A photo of Rooibos
A photo of Rooibos
A photo of Rooibos
Aspalathus  callosa
Aspalathus flower

Rooibos Overview

Aspalathus ia a large genus in the Fabaceae (Fabaceae) family of legumes, peas and beans, it contains almost 270 species of spiny shrubs which are mainly found in the Southwestern fynbos regions of South Africa. Species typically have a bushy or sprawling growth habit, with some free-standing, erect habits also seen. Pea-like flowers vary in colour across species and are most often yellow, some turning bright red as they age, other species produce white or cream flowers, such as A. forbesii. Other species have been recorded with pink to pale violet-purple blooms or slate-blue flowers. Rooibos tea may be created from these plants, this is a national drink in South Africa and it is known in Afrikaans as rooibostee.