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A picture of a Mother Of Millions

Mother Of Millions

Kalanchoe delagoense

Also known as

Devils Backbone, Chandelier Plant

Chandelier Plant (Bryophyllum delagoense) 1 by Mokkie (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Full Sun
Easy care
Light watering


RHS hardiness


Minimum temperature

Expected size








2 years to reach maturity


This plant has no fragrance

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A close up of a Bryophyllum delagoense plant
A close up of a Bryophyllum delagoense plant

Mother Of Millions Overview

Kalanchoe delagoense has many common names including Mother Of Millions, Devils Backbone and Chandelier Plant. This plant is considered the same as Bryophyllum delagoense. Historically this species was included within the genus Kalanchoe, and it has over 7 synonyms due to the extensive reclassification of plants in this genus and the genus Kalanchoe over time. This is a very common houseplant. Flowers are pretty, bell-shaped and coloured pink to orange, these are borne on long stems above the leaves. They are grown more for their attractive foliage and interesting reproduction over the flowers. This species produces clonal plantlets from the edges of its leaves, these develop on the mother plant for some time, growing roots and eventually dropping off to form new individuals. The common name Mother Of Millions comes from this vegetative reproduction method, these species are very easy to propagate and with little effort, you can produce many, many plants from one specimen.

How to propagate Mother Of Millions


Special features of Mother Of Millions

Attractive flowers

Attractive leaves

Indoor plant

Pot plant