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A picture of a Pollia


Pollia spp.

Pollia by Juliano Costa (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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<b><a href="" class="extiw" title="ja:ヤブミョウガ">ヤブミョウガ</a></b> (<i><b><a href="//" title="Pollia japonica">Pollia japonica</a></b></i>)
ヤブミョウガ080723 038
Commelina maculata W IMG 0459

Pollia Overview

Genus with around 22 perennials that produce characteristic glossy, hard, spherical, intensely metallic blue fruits. This colour is created by structural colouration, this is where the surface of a material is microscopically structured so it interferes with visible light wavelengths. Distorting and reflecting them back, giving the appearance of different colours, and often iridescence. This is frequently seen in different plants, insects and is the underlying reason for fantastic tail feather colours in peacocks.