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Pleioblastus spp.

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Full Sun
Moderate watering
Frost Hardy


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A photo of Bamboo
A photo of Bamboo
A photo of Bamboo
A photo of Bamboo
A photo of Bamboo

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Bamboo, Pleioblastus variegatus


Bamboo, Pleioblastus variegatus


Bamboo Overview

A genus of around 20 species of evergreen bamboos in the grass family originating from East Asia but naturalised in a number of countries worldwide. The genus includes a diversity of growth habits and sizes but generally they form dense thickets of slim canes with leafy branches. Some members of the group are popular in cultivation for their attractive green-striped foliage but they can become invasive if not restrained.

How to propagate Bamboo


By seed in spring or autumn.


By division in autumn. Selected cultivars should be propagated by division only.

Special features of Bamboo

Hedge plant

Other uses of Bamboo

Used for hedging as well as for ornamental purposes. The woody stems can have many uses. Suitable for coastal conditions.