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A picture of a Signalgrass


Brachiaria spp.

Brachiaria mutica-roadside-yercaud-salem-India by Yercaud-elango (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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A photo of Signalgrass
Urochloa decumbens plant9 (7429385348)
Echinochloa colona

Signalgrass Overview

Genus containing roughly 125 annual or perennial species in the grass family, Poaceae. They produce linear to lance-shaped, green leaves and flowers arranged in spike-like racemes. These are a form of unbranched inflorescence where the oldest flowers are formed at the base and new blooms from the tip as the plant grows. Grown frequently for animal forage, this genus is also known as signal grass and it is the most widely grown tropical grass genus in Central and South America. Cultivars of this genus have been bred that are adapted to growing in less than optimal soils, including infertile and acidic soils.