Pan's Carnivorous Plants

carnivorous plant
Carnivorous plants have fascinated the world since Charles Darwin's discovery of them in 1875, as they have specifically adapted to grow in places where the soil is poor in nutrients (especially nitrogen). Their ability to attract and trap prey, produce digestive enzymes and absorb the available nutrients make them entirely unique in the plant world. Some species are large enough to digest small mammals, yet despite this ghoulish reputation, these plants are very easy to grow and a delight to behold. Pan's Carnivores is the leading expert in the cultivation of carnivorous plants in South Africa. We stock a full range including: Venus Flytraps, Tropical Pitcher Plants, Trumpet Pitcher Plants and Sundews. Pan's Carnivores sells directly to the public through our website and e-commerce store. We also sell and ship plants to wholesalers, distributors and retailers directly from our Cape Town nursery. We welcome your questions, queries and comments and would love to assist you in getting started with your first flesh-eating plant!
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