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Culterra Pty Ltd is a medium-size enterprise that was established 53 years ago in 1965 in the south of Johannesburg when Johan Griffioen and his 4 sons decided to mine and sell peat moss on the Klip River as a growing medium to growers in the area. The business later developed into a thriving enterprise that sold various mixes and compost to ornamental and seedling growers in the horticultural industry. Many of these mixes were manufactured from peat moss and other raw materials that were sourced locally to make top quality mediums for growing a wide variety of plants and seedlings. Many years later due to environmental pressure and after much research and development other raw materials namely bark and coir were used to supplement peat moss which was no longer used as a water-retentive agent in our potting and seedling mixes. The bark is sourced from the various sawmills mainly in the Lowveld and coir fibre dust is an imported product from India and Sri Lanka. In 1993 Culterra began manufacturing concrete paving, bagging pebbles and gravel and supplying the industry with timber products manufactured from pine and saligna which too formed a stable and profitable part of our business and these operations are still running today. In 1997 Culterra started to manufacture chemical, organic, water-soluble and slow-release fertilizers at our new premises on the west of Johannesburg where we are currently situated today. In 2003 a lack of indigenous plants in the market leads to us growing indigenous trees, shrubs and bulbs which too are supplied to the landscapers in the green industry. Today we are proud to say that we too stock weed and frost shield, plastic pots, gardening gloves, planting bags, concrete pots and coir hanging baskets.
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City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality ZA 1739

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