Jozi Carnivores

locationCity of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality
A vase of flowers on a plant
Jozi Carnivores is a dedicated carnivorous plant business selling a wide range of carnivorous plants including Sundews, Pitcher plants, Trumpet plants and Venus flytraps. It is a business with a strong child orientation as kids love carnivorous plants. We have keen little gardeners abandoning their iPads and TV's and begging to help with the planting and care of these beautiful, unusual and very dangerous plants. Our marketing objectives are - to expose people to the wide variety of carnivorous plants that are available (some of which are endemic to the Western Cape) - teach people how to look after their carnivorous plants so they survive for years - and most importantly to get children back into the garden.
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City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality ZA

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    Monday - Saturday: 09h00 to 16h00

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