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Member since Sep 2021

United Kingdom

To make gardening modern! There are no elasticated waistband trouser adverts, reclining chairs or stairlift leaflets with my products. I want to get more people into growing. Gardening needn’t be dull or boring! It can be so much fun. All my products come with beautiful designs, prints and in bright colours. Guaranteed to bring a smile to yours or your recipients face! To show how easy gardening can be. What seems like a complicated hobby, is actually easy to follow along. Blog posts, clear instruction cards and videos showing you how to grow beautiful flowers from seed. So whether you're starting out or completely new to gardening- I'm here to help you along the way. To save the bees! I am so passionate about helping the pollinators! Imagine if every single person in the UK planted one packet of seeds in their garden or outdoor space- think how much it would help nature, bees and pollinators! To give back! For every order I make a £1 donation to Greenfingers Charity. They create magical gardens at Children’s hospices and build spaces for children and families to enjoy precious moments together. Thank you for helping me support such a wonderful charity! I truly believe growing a garden from seed can be easy and fun. Come join me in the modern gardening revolution!

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