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Bali-Hai Nursery

Member since May 2021

United Kingdom

Situated in Carnlough, Co.Antrim, Northern Ireland. The main advantage of having a nursery here is the climate, being so close to the sea and situated in an enclosed bay surrounded by mountains, we find that our nursery is usually three degrees warmer than the rest of the North coast of Ireland. As we are a small firm more personal attention is given to the plants and how they are looked after. Hostas is our passion and live there is so much diversity in the genus of Hosta from hostas no bigger than your thumb nail to extra large leaves up to 2 feet wide. The colours of the leaves are fast from plain green to blue to gold then you have all the different variegated leaf forms. The textures of leaves some shiny, matt and with a waxy surface to heavily puckered leaves and some with piecrust edges. Now in more recent times the stems of the hostas are putting on a show for us with varying shades of red to purple to white petioles. If this is not enough what about the unusual ghostly looking hostas with white yes “White” leaves that change to green as the season progresses this is what keeps the plant alive need some green in a plant to photosynthesis. Now the breeders are breeding for “Streaked” leaves and even more thicker leaves for better slug resistance. Added to all this Hostas has to be one of the hardiest plants in the garden the foliage dies away in late autumn and emerges new and fresh each spring goes into hibernation for the winter.

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