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Seed Packet Gift Box Collection - Herbs Seed Collection


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  • Thrives in pots

  • Great for bees

  • Great for butterflies

  • Great for helpful insects

  • Contains toxic parts

Pennard Plants

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Included Plants

Also known as

Wild Basil, Basil, Red-Leaved Basil, Bush basil, Dark opal basil, Common basil

Also known as

Anet, Dill-Oil Plant, East Indian Dill, Meeting-Seed, Sabbath Day Posy, Dill-Weed, Garden Dill, Common Dill

Also known as

Common Bishop's Weed, Bullwort, False Bishop's Weed, Herb William, Large Bullwort, Groot Akkerscherm, Grosse Knorpelmohre, Khillah

Also known as

True Lavender, Common Lavender, Spike-Oil Plant

Also known as

Bee Balm, Balm, Balm Leaf, Balm Oil Plant, Barm Leaf, Dropsywort, Honey Plant, Pimentary

Also known as

Wild Marjoram, English Marjoram, Grove Marjoram, Pot Marjoram, Wintersweet, Golden marjory

Also known as

Common Thyme, Garden Thyme, Pot-Herb Thyme, English Thyme, German Thyme

Also known as

Indian Cress, Greater Indian-Cress

Also known as

Sage, Sauge, Kitchen Sage, Garden Sage

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