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Philodendron Atom Mini FREE DELIVERY

The Philodendron Atom is a new cultivar from the South American epiphytic genus. The Atom has a compact growth habit, with densely formed clumps of leaves, which are gently ruffled along the edges and have a waxy texture. ALL IMAGES REPRESENT A LIKENESS AND ARE NOT THE EXACT PLANT YOU WILL RECIEVE. Please make sure the plant is suitable for you and your household before you purchase. No return of any plant purchase as we don't want to over stress the plant. However, in a situation that return is occurred , return postage is paid and handled by the buyer unless agreed upon. NOTE : I only dispatch live plant orders between Monday & Wednesday to minimise your plants getting stuck in the mail over the weekend. However, due to the current COVID situation causing mail delays, orders might still take a little longer than usual. Plants & cuttings will usually be sent bareroot with their roots / cut ends wrapped in moss or damp paper towel. As much as possible I try to use recycled packaging & boxes that will fit through a letterbox for ease of delivery. Upon arrival, please unpack your plant immediately & for non-succulent type plants, I'd recommend sticking them in water overnight or for a couple of hours to revive them before potting them up. For plants with succulent leaves, they can be potted up straight away.

Philodendron 'Atom'

Thaumatophyllum bipinnatifidum 'Atom'


Philodendron selloum 'Atom'

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