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Philodendron verrucosum wet stick

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One wet stick from a large Philodendron verrucosum plant. This wet stick has one node from which roots will grow and from where new growth will appear. This wet stick was cut from the mother plant on 21st February 2021 (as a result of the mother, once again, growing a little too wide for my liking!). The stick will sit in moss inside a heated electric propagator until sold. There is only one stick available - the speediest buyer gets it! Philodendron verrucosum are fast-growing plants. When growing, they will need to be staked with a moss pole or similar to ensure they stay upright and to allow their leaves to grow to a large size. Their leaves have a velvety texture; they start as a light green on this plant before darkening, while retaining their light veins. The final image shows some leaves that belong to the mother plant of this wet stick. If this is your first wet stick purchase, please make sure that you research wet stick care before buying. I would recommend placing this wet stick into lightly damp sphagnum moss or perlite, then keeping it in a humid place in bright, indirect light. Some growers like to use cloches or plastic bags over the cutting to achieve this. This wet stick will be dispatched via Royal Mail first class signed for. Have questions? Want to see the mother plant? Feel free to message me for some plant chat!
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Philodendron verrucosum

Philodendron verrucosum

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