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Echeveria Canna Rare Large Succulent Live Plant

Beautiful, good size echeveria canna, foliage is a lovely powdery blue, can turn slightly pink when stressed. Comes in 10cm pots, plant height between 8cm-12cm, with many layers of fully stacked leaves, forming a tight rosette like all echeverias. This succulent is easy to care for and thrives under full sun or partial shade, best placed near a sunny windowsill. Usual watering requirements for succulents is minimal watering, for the best results, water when soil is completely dry, use the soak and dry method. It is not suitable for growing outdoors during the cold winter season. You will receive the plant in its 10cm pot. Succulents are delicate plants so handle with care. During shipping, the succulent leaves may suffer some damage, most damage will grow out in a few months time, detached leaves can be propagated. ******************************************************************************************************** Why are succulents so trendy? They come in all shapes, sizes and colours, require minimal care (in fact, thrives on neglect!) hence perfect for a busy millennial lifestyle. If you are keen to become a plant parent they are the best place to start. They also add an aesthetic value to your home and some could even purify the air. ++ STARTER KIT AVAILABLE ++ If you would like this succulent in a starter kit option, it comes with a terracotta pot, @plantbeau own succulent soil mix and the succulent of your choice Watch this Youtube video featuring the starter kit option ******************************************************************************************************** Please visit our Instagram @plantsbeau, follow us and message us for tips and guides on succulent care. Postage is FREE will be via Royal Mail 2nd class delivery. No returns accepted and any exceptions only by the discretion of our shop.

Echeveria Cana

Echeveria 'Cana'

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