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Complete Wreath Making Kit. Festive Christmas Holiday Door Wreath.

United Kingdom
PLEASE NOTE: We will start to send wreath making kits the WEEK COMMENCING 23rd NOVEMBER 2020 (unless purchased after this date, when they will be sent in 4 - 5 working days.) Please let us know if you have a different delivery date in mind. Complete Festive Wreath Kit from Florence and Flowers. Each kit contains: • 1 x 12 Inch wire wreath ring • 1 x Bag of sphagnum moss • 1 x Reel wire • 1 x Length of natural twine (to hang your wreath) • A variety of seasonal foliage, such as spruce, fir, ivy, eucalyptus • A selection of embellishments, such as dried orange slices, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, dried flower heads, dried seed pods and dried grasses. • 10 green stub wires for attaching embellishments. • Full instructions to make your wreath This complete kit contains everything you need to make your own beautiful wreath. The fresh foliage and sphagnum moss will be sent packaged in a sealed bag to ensure it retains its moisture. Upon opening the foliage please soak it throughly in a bucket of water for an hour as this will prolong the freshness of your wreath – as will spraying it regularly with water throughout the festive season. Wreath making kits are posted via Royal Mail 48 hour delivery service.