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Suttons Seeds approved retailer Average Packet Content 40 seeds Flowers to cut and come again Annual or biennial plant Dual purpose with purple roots Blooms can be cut and will come again - and you'll find purple carrots below ground during the season! Flowering carrot is also a real magnet for a wide range of beneficial 'pest predator' insects! Flowers June-September. Height 60-80cm (24-36"). HA/HB - Hardy annual/Hardy Biennial. Companion planting can transform your garden. By encouraging in pollinators and predators with key plants, you can gain a tiny gardening team to do your pest control & pollination, all with the added benefit of supporting British native wildlife by providing habitats and food sources. In return, their natural behaviours will increase your crop productivity and reduce insect pest numbers. Companion planting was widely used centuries ago in cottage gardens in Britain, but has since declined, as have the numbers of pollinators and predators. Growing Information Sow direct into finely raked, moist, warm weed-free soil where the plants are to flower at a depth of 6mm (¼") and cover the seed lightly with soil. Germination usually takes 14-21 days. Thin out young plants to a final spacing of 20cm (8") apart, removing any competing weeds. Seeds can also be sown in August-September for flowering the following year. Pinching out the growing tips before transplanting will encourage bushier plants.
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Wild Carrot

Daucus carota


Bird's Nest, Bishop's Lace, Carrot

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